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Tuesday March 13
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Keith Christiansen, John Pope-Hennessy Chairman of European Paintings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Two masterworks in The Frick Collection, Duccio’s Temptation of Christ and Bellini’s St. Francis in the Desert, are both mentioned in Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Artists, the first at the beginning of Part I and the second at the climax of Part II. Although separated by nearly two centuries as well as by geography—Duccio, from Siena, and Bellini, from Venice—the two works have more in common than conventionally thought, for in both, landscape plays a key role. Indeed, Duccio may be seen to have laid the groundwork for landscape painting, while Bellini saw in it a new way to engage viewers.
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Thursday March 22
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Rika Burnham, Head of Education, The Frick Collection

Best known for his mythological and allegorical works, Anne-Louis Girodet was an equally accomplished landscape painter. Following in the footsteps of Poussin, he studied the Italian countryside and painted it with great intensity. This participatory seminar looks closely at his View of Vesuvius from Naples, a painting of 1793–94 currently on loan from a private collection. Together, we will consider the luminous colors and carefully rendered effects of culture and nature.
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Girodet: Poet of Painting:
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